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It's been 2 months since the beginning of my sophomore year, and oh my, I am about to falling apart again. This time, things are not the same as before. Truth be told, bad things keep coming and coming.

Only 2 months, but I'm starting to feel what sleep deprivation is. Sometimes in the morning, when I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a ghost, no, more like a zombie in there. When I only had like 5 hours to sleep at night, I felt extremely tired. My head went light all the time. I felt like falling down, while my head just wanted to fly into the sky. I don't know what I'm talking about now heh. Of course I had some days to relax too. But it's either I got used to the habit of waking up early or I'd been in this state for so long, I can't really enjoy sleeping. Sometimes I woke up at exactly 6.15, the others were usually at 7am. Now that I'm talking about it, it's actually not that bad, if you don't consider all the disadvantage of it. Waking up early means I'll have more time to do everything. On top of that, I also create a really healthy habit, and it'll come in handy later on. So in the disadvantage, there's always an advantage.

It's been 1 year, to be precise, since I started learning in my school. Why did I bring this up again? Well, because of one tiny incident today. Well, tiny to everyone there, but it's quite big to me and a lot of kids around here. We, me and my parents, were having a party to celebrate the very first birthday of my cousin's child. Yep. She's got married for about 2 years before she gave birth to her first...I don't know, daughter? Because I had some stuffs to do at school, so I asked my mom if I could skip the party, but she refused. So I had to go. During the party, I was sitting to my other cousin's godfather. He was coincidentally a doctor. And oh how I hate that 3 hours of party. I was hoping that this was gonna be a party full of trashtalking and making fun of people, so I could at least forget about the mourning feeling of skipping my stuff at school. But no, fate decided to make fun of me, can you believe that? My mom kept talking nonstop about me, about how I wanted to become a doctor at first, how I got into this medical school, how I passed necrophobia, stuffs like that. But if that wasn't everything. After my mom finished talking, it was my dad who continued. And then, during the next 3 hours, yep, 3 goddamn hour, they kept talking about pills and drugs and stuffs. And I just wished that I'd been in school at that moment.

When I say this, people might ask me why I thought of it like that, why I thought of it as something disgusting or hateful or something. Well, my own mindset had changed for so long, about 4 or 5 years ago. The thing about schooling here is it heavily depends on scoring and results and levels and stuffs. Because of that, people strive to get to the top, gaining top scores so they can get it the best school in the whole city, or the whole country. But they miss a very crucial point: studying is NOT about result, it's about the knowledge that will help you during your work. That's what student should be taught, not getting the highest score possible. Look at me. I might not be the best student in this school. I was only luckily to pass the tests. But I can guarantee that the knowledge that I have is much more than my friends at school. And also, because I can't work my study skill to perfection, I try other stuffs like researching skills, or pirating skills (trust me, I've been a pirate for half a year, and I like it), while all my friends do are studying, studying and studying. It just makes me feel sick when looking at it. Well, at least I know that I might not be the best one to graduate, but the best doctor among them. You know, in sanity, there is always insanity. There is always that one beast that threatens to break loose. I have one, and truth be told, it's about to be released quite a lot of times.

If you're reading to this part, I must say that I'm impressed. The not-so-important reason why I wrote this was because I was having an English class last week, and I had to write a paragraph about digestion or something. And my teacher actually liked my own paragraph, for being "natural, and the way it connects to the topic is just wonderful". And it kinda gave me inspiration to write more. It might not be perfect, but using this way, I can see how I have progressed so far. To be honest though, all of this, everything I've written so far, so purely my own. I study English by myself for the last couple of years, and how I was so happy that I beat all of the so-called English profs in my class with a considerate score of 9/10, Impressive?

Thank you for reading till here. OMG how long it is. I hope everyone here is having a good time, chilling with their friends, watching some movies, listening to some musics, etc. About me, I'm being a pirate right now. 26 albums stolen and still to come. Oh I'm so proud of myself!
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It's 12 midnight right now. And I just ditch all of my homework for now. I'm so tired. Been studying all day, and the cold weather right now doesn't help, at all. It just makes me want to coil myself into the blanket and stay that way forever. But I can't, since I have school tomorrow.

Starting from the beginning of the schoolyear, everything's the same. Going to school, go home, rest for a while, eating dinner, then study until 12 midnight, then go to bed, then wake up and go to school. A simple routine. Sometimes it gets boring so bad that I just want to drop everything and play some games. And I did. It costed me about 3 precious hours of studying, but I'm glad I did that. Since study even when I'm not feeling up to it, will result in me collapsing on the table. Literally.

Just a short note to remind myself that I'm still somehow alive. One month has passed. About 8 months to go. Don't worry!
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It's been a month since I last wrote a journal. Wait, it wasn't a journal. It was somewhat between a really nonsense talk and a maniac's babbling. Heh. Guess I'm not good at writing stuffs.

What a crazy month. Seriously. So many things happened. My mind, my emotion, my feelings, all had changed. Not sure if it's good or bad though. Mostly achievements that I've planned many months ago. I've succeeded a few, some of them I don't have time to do.

Recently played EarthBound, and finished the game in 2 weeks, far more than what I spent for Undertale. Well, because the story was out of this world (I mean, it is out of this world LOL). I know why Undertale was influenced by EarthBound so much. I mean, I know Toby said that Undertale was based on MOTHER series. But, I didn't have a single thought of how many details in Undertale that was directly related to EarthBound. And because of it, now I'm playing MOTHER 3, or some may call EarthBound 2. I wanted to play EarthBound Zero, or MOTHER 1 first, since there are a few things that I need to figure out. And most of the answers are in MOTHER 1. But after some critiques, I decided to skipped, and just read the whole plot of the game. That was such a smart thing to do. Because my computer can't handle emulators really good.

Now, I'm in a period, just like half a year ago when I finished Undertale, that I can't listen to anything but EarthBound's soundtrack, and download tons of pictures about the franchise. Seriously, it made quite a big impact to me, since it's the longest RPG game that I've ever played. Even Undertale, the greatest game of 2015, only costed me 12 hours! Wow. That was crazy!

When I was wandering around Youtube, I found the tribute animation for EarthBound, and there was a beautiful song that appeared in MOTHER 1. I loved it a lot. The reason is quite simple: I want to be so optimistic like that. Like the title of the song states, "I believe in you". In the time when I can't just put my trust in anything, a little song to cheer me up is just what I need right now. I don't know. Ever since everything happened, I was in such a bad mood. I kept being pessimistic all the time. I constantly thought that people hated me, and just wanted me to get out of their sights or something. I kinda lost faith of myself. Now, all that was left was the conception that people just took advantage of me, but not giving me anything in return. I mean, I've done everything, and what I received back was deep sighs, irritation and anger from my girlfriend. I don't know what's wrong with me now.

Well, just drop some words here. I'm so tired now. See you guys soon. You know that I love you so much ;)

Oh and happy birthday to dA, mah younger bro :D

"I believe a dream can still come true
Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?"
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I don't know how many times I've tried to write this. It's so hard, and quite painful to think of anything at the moment.

It's summer time, again. You know, I've completely lost the taste of holidays in my life. Probably because I've never had a true summer since like, 3 years ago. Everytime I wanted to just throw everything and enjoy summer, bad stuffs happened. I'm not gonna spoil you with all of my misfortune, so TL;DR: shit happened.

This summer, I planned tons of things to keep my mind off the problems, like making Lego crafting, reading a book, writing a short story, completing one long lost manga that I've suddenly found a few days ago, working out, etc. So far, I've done nothing, and summer is about to end in just one week! How am I supposed to do everything? I mean, I have a plan, a plan to finish everything by this weekend. But it depends on me getting lazying or not. That's the biggest problem.

I keep having constant headache. Maybe because of the pressure that I'm suffering at the moment. Too many things have happened, and my petite brain can't sustain it all. I don't want to bother anyone with my own problem, even my parents, so I keep it to myself. Hope things don't turn so bad before schoolyear starts again.

...Well, this journal supposed to be like 50-line long of me complaining about life, and talking about future stuffs and some things like that. But I don't have much time, and my head can't stay for that long either. So I just write these down. A little reminder to myself that there's one week to actually do something meaningful again.

Well, this is the end of the journal. Hope everyone has a good time with your family and friends.
Random Moment #2: DOOM's Super Shotgun (Reupload)
(I reuploaded this one, since last picture was badly taken, and for a miraculous reason, my computer can't run PS. Damn.)

I've just started playing DOOM again. Feels really great. The graphic may be bad compare to modern FPS, but somehow it has drawn my attention again.

In a boring moment, I've decided to make a (so-not-like-a-true) replica of DOOM's weapons. I like all of them, honestly. But I chose the SS, since it, exclude the BFG, is the strongest gun.

Hope you enjoy. It's not ASRIEL as it is, but I've tried.

Oh and I take request now. Because I have tons of freetime for now. So if there's anything you'd like to see from me, or just simply challenge me, go ahead and leave a comment below.


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Ngô Nhật Tân
Hey whatsup guys & girls. My name is Ngô Nhật Tân, but people prefer calling me with other names, like Haku, or recently Sans. Probably I love them too much LOL :D And in case someone can't pronounce my real name, there's a solution: pronounce the word "bun" but replace the "b" with "t". Enjoy~

I'm not an artist, unfortunately. I tried drawing like wayyy back then, but failed so terribly. So I decide to give comments to people's work. Don't misunderstand that I just sit around in one place and giving people bad words about their works. It's not like that. I give both positive and negative comment. My only target is to help other people get better and better. ;)

Is this long enough for the bio? If so, then I'm out. This is HM, and I'm out.~


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